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About me

Dr. Olav Laudy, Chief Data Strategist, IBM Analytics, Asia-Pacific

  • Chief Data Strategist with 15+ years of global cross-industry data science/machine learning implementation experience in Fortune 500 companies.
  • Proven track record of binding analytics and data models to business strategy.
  • Numerous documented initiatives leading to cost savings and increased revenue by incubating data science organizations within companies.
  • Data scientist, architect, leader and business consultant - in one person.
  • Expert at building the business, functional and technical requirements for data science systems.
  • Experienced in hiring, leading and educating data science teams both onsite and outsourced.
  • Story teller and expert communicator at all levels of the business, with a proven track record of successful communication to boards of directors and C-Suites.
  • Change manager and thought leader paving the migration to digital and data-driven.
  • Passionate about continuous learning and up to date on the latest developments in data science, including (hands-on) deep learning and cognitive technology.

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(Portfolio: Olav Laudy portfolio.pdf)